It’s not about skin color, sexual preference, or even about a single religious ideal, it’s about being the light in the dark. More than that, it’s healing through honoring survival and discussing change.

If you think that someone who has tattoos n piercings, colored hair, drops the “F” bomb frequently, and is an avid horror movie fan can’t serve God or help children, you’re in the wrong place, cuz that’s exactly what I’m doin!

Welcome Back My Friends!

So here we are, the newest beginning! Stand up and be counted for what you are about to receive!! If you are reading this right now it’s NOT a coincidence. I don’t believe in “coincidence” and if you know me, you probably don’t either. So let’s get to kickin ass!! This is the new zine, well the shell anyway. Still got a lot of tweaking to do and I can’t set sides n footers till i publish more content, plus i really think i’m being pulled into a different direction and this volunteer stuff just aint for me anymore… ya, I said that… but that is why you’re here, I’m ready to start doing what ever it is Gods got planned… there’s a reason my Busey Batshit self is somehow functioning better than most of society right now and i want to know where it’s bringing us.

Stay posted as i plan to post a lot of stuff all at once, most of it is copy and paste.