It’s not about skin color, sexual preference, or even about a single religious ideal, it’s about being the light in the dark. More than that, it’s healing through honoring survival and discussing change.

If you think that someone who has tattoos n piercings, colored hair, drops the “F” bomb frequently, and is an avid horror movie fan can’t serve God or help children, you’re in the wrong place, cuz that’s exactly what I’m doin!

Welcome Back My Friends!

So here we are, the newest beginning! Stand up and be counted for what you are about to receive!! If you are reading this right now it’s NOT a coincidence. I don’t believe in “coincidence” and if you know me, you probably don’t either. So let’s get to Rokkin!! This is the new zine, well the shell anyway. Still got a lot of tweaking to do and I can’t set sides n footers till i publish more content, but that is why you’re here, I’m ready to start collecting info and connecting pages!!

As things are vamping up, because there are so many of you to catch up with, in order to save us all a bit of time, I’ve created a “tag cloud” in the side bar here that I’m calling Angel Whispers. If we have worked together in the past through events, fundraisers, social media, rescue missions, or if you have had a story published by or about you and all I need is updated information, you will see either your name or the name of your organization in the cloud. Just click on it, follow the prompts, and I’ll have your page up and going in no time.