Working for a higher moral purpose…

Save the humans, in actuality, is pretty much a life long hobby of mine. I’ve literally been doing these things since I was like 19 years old; from flyer distribution to publishing my own local newspaper to learning and developing websites, and from PTA and townhall meetings to speaking at all ages venues all over the country to business meetings, fundraisers, and community events…. To now I struggle just to leave the house. But get help give help right? That’s what it’s all about.  Save The Humans is a blog, a zine, a resource center… It’s my brain, my heart, and my soul screaming out, reaching out, seeking out not just truth and reality, but help for myself as well as a way to share help and hope with others.

 I love sharing all the things that bring me closer to God and healing, no matter how strange, and being married to Ross I’ve seen a lot of strange, but I’ve also met a TON of people along the way who have not only had a hand in changing my life somehow, but many who are already working with others for change! Save The Humans is a collaboration of a few of the old Ross and Kelly projects, along with a gathering of the voices, projects, and passions of Angelz, human helpers, and friends alike from all walks of life and from all over the world that have stuck with us through all these years just doin what they do.

It is my sincere hope that turning the zine into an online production it will bring more traffic to the site, more attention to the cause and bring together the voices, the hearts, the experience, the love, and the passion of the true angels, healers, and warriors for change.

Thank You for so much for being here.