More About Us…

Things you may or may not have wanted to know!

What is No More Victims 2?

No More Victims 2 was the most successful, most memorable, and most painful mission of my life. After starting No More Victims 2 in April of 2011, we had the opportunity to travel far and wide doing spoken word and setting up our mobile resource center at all ages venues, concerts and festivals all over the country

Reaching out to victims and raising awareness about domestic violence and bullying while providing help and support to victims whenever possible. We also took part in many local charity events, helping out where we could as well as planning and hosting fundraising events for several other local charities here in our home town.  We at No More Victims 2 took great pride in being able to provide help to ALL in need without judgments as to who they were, what they looked like or who they loved.

What made us unique and so successful?

We brought help to them, where ever they were. There is something different about bringing our message to people where THEY are. Many times after we do a public event we are approached by people who are deeply touched by our stories.

Some of them come to us and share their story for the first time because for the first time they weren’t afraid to reach out for help.  We are a very unique group of people, the kind of people that other people relate to, because we are real. We are survivors too. People saw that in us, and it helped them realize that it’s ok to be human; and though sadly we have lost way too many along the way, the bonds that remain will last a lifetime.

Before No More Victims 2 There Was...

Oh the old days, good and bad, but it got me to where I am today. We were young, loud, and in need. We united people from all walks of life from all over our home town and did what we could to make today better, and I think I can honestly say we did.