Angel In A Pick Up Truck

The morning of January 5th 2006, I went to work with a massive hangover from my best friend’s birthday party the night before. Needless to say, I left work early. On my way home I took the back roads trying to get home quicker by avoiding morning rush hour traffic only to find my car submerged in the flooded creek on the back end of Lincoln Avenue out north. Somehow in my slightly mind altered state, I managed to get my car stuck sideways in the middle of the road with water at the front end of my car up to almost the door handle and the front of my front wheel drive car was stuck on a hill on the side of the road with my tires suspended in air, or should I say water. Either way, I wasn’t going anywhere, no cell phone, stuck in almost 3 feet of water. As I rolled down my window to assess the damage thinking to myself that right now it really sucks to be me, I heard a voice yell out asking if I was ok. Much to my luck and surprise, it was a man in a BIG truck with an even bigger heart of gold.

He yelled out to me instructing me on what to do, encouraging me and keeping me calm as I jumped out my window into the over knee deep freezing water.  I was a mess; here I am with a hangover from hell, probably still half-drunk from the night before, standing in this water crying from the all too painful cold. His words kept me going; he coddled me as much as he could while being stern on keeping me focused. He tossed me a strap and told me to attach the strap to the frame of my car, which of course was under water. I was already freezing, the last thing I wanted to do was to get down on my knees in that water to find the frame, but his words kept me calm and moving forward.

After about 20 minutes of my panicking, I finally got the strap attached and was pulled to safety and warmth in a matter of seconds. Moments later the man who had just helped me, in the freezing rain with his wife and kids in the truck drove off, ironically right through the flooded mess I just got stuck in, without giving me the chance to properly thank him.

He probably wanted out of the cold as bad as I did.  I don’t even know his name, or the color of his truck for that matter, I was in such a state of shock that I honestly don’t remember… I do remember seeing his kids watching in the back of his truck, and with any luck, they too someday will become as kind and generous as their father.

To add to my extreme luck in an extremely bad situation, my car was still running.

Luck? Or kindness and grace from above? I can honestly say that I believe in Angels. Whatever form they may take, human or other.  It is so easy today to lose sight of what is most important in life, and even easier to lose faith in God.   But sometimes when you least expect it, out of the blue when you need it the most, comes that one person, that one experience that goes beyond mental comprehension and gives you hope for humanity.

Could there really be Angels among us?

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