With much excitement No More Victims 2 humbly welcomes to the family, THE family of Horror Fix. Rated one of the top 10 Horror Sites in the country, Horror Fix is the place to find all the latest news and reviews on everything horror! TV and Film, Unique Merch, Celebrity Interviews, Member Chat, Group Boards, classifieds, and even some Miss Kellie! 

The Angels at Horror-fix have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you the best horror has to offer, including the soft side. After sponsoring our Zombie themed anti-suicide rally last June, the big hearts behind the blood and gore have caught our eye with all of the charitable work that they do, so after a little conversation and a bit of networking, Horror-fix and No More Victims 2 are joining forces to help #SaveTheHumans!!

In order to help me keep my website #SaveTheHumans not “TOO” gory for anyone not into that thing, Horror-fix has not only allowed me to create a group on their site to promote my work here, but they have allowed me to take on roles as a “Screener” and a “freelance contributing editor”. Words cannot express how humbled I am by this, as I know I am a novice writer (and as it was pointed out to me, very behind in the horror game) but to see my name over there really fills me pride. But he has published me a few times now and I do have a group…

Dead Funny!


It’s not a support group per say, but just another super fan group for “walker stalkers” n such where we can feel free to talk about the REAL issues behind what makes the show so great for people like us…

the real survivors.

Go To Horror-fix’s New “Facebook” interaction theme! Create a profile, join/start groups, sell your Horror-Themed Art… Do what ever the hell you want, cuz it’s 


Even though my expert knowledge of gore and horror is rather limited, I may have found my niche with the peeps over on Horror-fix! Check it out! Coming soon… Bowling for Brains! Check it out!


Read more about Horror-fix, Phoenix Tree Design, and The “Angels” behind this en-devour over on

“Kellie’s Angels”.

Questions? Comments? Opinions? Ideas?