As chronic pain patients and being stuck on a low “therapeutic dose” of opiates, just dealing with being physically addicted to pain meds, my husband and I both tend to get REALLY snippy with each other when withdrawal sneaks up on us… We have been through hell learning to deal with it, but we have learned to turn it into something a little “lighter”. 

So now when one of us starts getting crabby, the code word to think about how long it’s been since you took your meds and how much longer can you hold out before you start getting sick, is “eat a snickers”. Pretty much the whole “You’re not yourself when you’re hungry” campaign by SNICKERS® can apply here, the one with Willem Dafoe just happens to be our favorite! It totally lightens the “you’re a junkie” feeling of personal attack that just is not real, but merely a symptom of what you are dealing with… 

Do you have any things that you have done that have helped you feel more human when fighting withdrawal?

Questions? Comments? Opinions? Ideas?