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In my line of work, I see all kinds of people. Most I am pleased to see. Some, I would rather never see again. Most recently, I saw two I had hoped never to see again. This duo was twin brothers who knew more about me than I had wanted anyone to remember. I was a 14 year old deviant, with a popular older brother, who had older popular jock friends. Well one summer evening, I thought it would be cool to talk my older brother into stealing Mom’s car to get to a bad ass party. It wasn’t hard to coax my older, not so wiser, brother into doing the dirty work. He is like Pavlov’s dog when it comes to beer or sports. The hard part was convincing him to let me go along with him to the party. When all else fails… Use Bribery. It is amazing what $10 could do back then.

Unfortunately, it also bought me a few lessons about partying when you are not mature enough to handle it.

 Lesson One: Don’t play truth or dare at a party where both beer funnels and water bongs are present.

Lesson Two: Your brother will not think you are cool if you dance topless on the coffee table.

Lesson Three: Drink, Drank & Drunk are not the names of the guys you were making out with in the bathroom. (They were Simon and Stewart from Glee Club)

Lesson Four: Vomiting in a car, with no air conditioner, on a hot summer night, really stinks the next day.

Lesson Five: Super-Gluing a guy’s Darnix to his leg IS punishable by law.

Most Important Lesson: Getting your ass kicked by your Mom the next day is not a good cure for a hangover.

 While it only took me a couple of hours to get bombed, it has taken me a lifetime to live down the effects. I have learned the hard way that the decisions you make today will always haunt your tomorrows. Take time to make decisions that will best suit you. Reputations can be made in just one day. It is what you decide to do with the rest of your days that really matters. Rise above the petty, live your dreams, and keep it real. Everyone else in life is just an opinion.

 …Until we beat again…

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