I been clean for 356 (11months21days). It’s still unbelievable to me. Where I was at a year ago. Where I’m at now. My whole life I never thought it was even possible for a dude like me.

The first 9 months or so I was amazed at how little I thought about or craved substance abuse. But this last month has been difficult. After talking to other people who have made it this far, they all recall similar struggles around that time period. But for whatever reason I’ve been tempted every day lately.

Asking for help is not something that is not easy for me. It is not in my nature. But I have learned from my downfalls and am trying to do things different this time around. So I reached out. And I want to sincerely thank my peeps who have helped me today. It’s a blessing to have people who love me, who don’t judge me & who have been where I’m at and are willing to share their experience.

Tonight, I am a sober man. And I have more blessings than a millionaire has dollars. Thank you so much.


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