Helping And Having Fun Doing It!!

We take the task of event planning and project promotions to a whole new level. We have always strived to be all inclusive, educational and fun. We try to use every advantage and opportunity we come across to help someone in need and to put the good works of others into the hands of those that need them.

We are a network of positive people for positive change and if it’s help planning a memorial to raise funds with an unexpected funeral or to help a fellow angel fund a good kause; if we can help, we will. We are planting seeds of hope and raising awareness not for ourselves but for the kauses and the children that are nearest and dearest to our hearts.The possibilities of activities and fun are endless,

and the lives it may change, priceless. 

On top of planning events, we have taken MUCH pride in taking part in and helping sponsor other incredible charitable events and honorable causes here in the Central Illinois area through vending, promoting, and donating our time, some art, t-shirts and a lot of love.

If you have an event, a fundraiser, or just a good cause that you would like us to help with in any way, feel free to contact me to get started right away!

(312) 971-NMV2


Or Toll Free


(844) 535-5431

All services here are free of charge to those accepted; and we reserve the right to refuse service to ANYONE.