When I had just turned 18 years old I found out I was pregnant with my son. His father and I made an appointment at the local Health Department to have a more accurate test ran and for my initial check-up and before the doctor examined me, she asked him to leave the room. He got a little upset but eventually did it. He did embarrass me a tad bit, but I could understand why he wanted to be in there. A few weeks later I went to pick up my medical records to take them to my OB for my first appointment and decided to look in there just to see what it all said. I found a letter from the Dr. that examined me that was written for my new Dr’s eyes only, I suppose. In this letter she warned of possible abuse from the father of my baby and asked my new Dr. to keep watch and make sure that I, and my unborn child, were safe. At this point there had been no signs of abuse, or so I thought…

so I got pretty upset and proceeded to tear up the letter and throw it away so it never got into the hands on someone of authority. I didn’t want them to think badly of my son’s father and in my mind, there was no way he’d ever abuse me! Boy, was I wrong!

So many times people are so blinded by love (cliche, but true) that they dismiss the little red flags as just him having a bad day, or maybe I pushed his buttons too much. But, the signs are almost always there. I found a little test, even if it’s silly, that tells you whether or not you’re in an abusive relationship or if it has the potential to be one. Having the opinion of someone else, unbiased like a computer generated test would be, can really help you to find out the truth. Never let someone treat you with disrespect, especially someone who is supposed to LOVE and PROTECT you. If you suspect you’re being abused, ask for help! Whether it’s from a friend, family, or an organization somewhere, there IS help out there. You don’t have to face this alone!

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