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We offer online support to any Victim of Crime including but not limited to Rape, Bullying, shooting, stabbing, Abuse, Domestic Violence and more. Looking for a certain resource message the page I will research for you. Just need someone to listen we are here for that too. VOVC was started after I was the Victim of a shooting on 10-5-2005 and realized no one understood what I was going through and others had the same problem. Talking with others who have been there helps. The page is pubic however, if you message the page only the admins can see it. In addition, I have a secret FB group and a secret chat room / message forum you can request the links to.

Please know we are not a registered nonprofit and do not offer financial support. Any advice given should not be taken as a diagnosis or treatment. (We are not Doctors or Psychiatrist) just people who have been there and are willing to listen. We give you an idea what could be wrong and help with finding resources to help. We encourage you to seek professional help from a Doctor or Psychiatrist and if you are suicidal we can direct you to a suicide hotline. Our chats are kept confidential!!

Thank you Jim (Owner, Admin, Creator, Victim, Survivor)

Let’s go from Victim to Survivor together

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Questions? Comments? Opinions? Ideas?