~My Angel Has Got His Wings~

     As we all know, living as a survivor is hard enough. But for certain people who hear the calling, the need to help others as a primitive instinct, life becomes a type of 3 ring circus that is just as thrilling, terrifying, and as dangerous as the circus itself. To heal we need to be heard, we need that validation… with that comes the shame and reliving the pain. And if you make it through that, in sharing your story you show other people they are not alone. Bit to be a true warrior, you have to survive telling your story over and over and over and over again. Some of us make it, some of us don’t.  

     I have not done so well over the last few years after loosing my co-founder to suicide, but over the last few weeks as I am slowly getting myself back into being a social creature again, it has been absolutely incredible to see things come full circle again and to find my Angel and old friend Michael Mernagh, aka Deadnutts, has not only touched my heart again, but he has made it!! 

     Michael’s voice, his story, his movement has been picked up by an independent film maker by the name of Durden Godfrey and has been put on the big screen where it may now be heard and help others in numbers we had only hoped for when we met years ago!  And being the Michael I have always known, he’s not asking for your help, but still trying to help others as he continues to grow by giving you a chance to be heard as well! 

I couldn’t be happier for, or more proud of Michael. I knew from day 1 he was something special, which is why he was my very first official “Kellie’s Angel”, and still my friend today! I love you Michael!! Thank you for never giving up…

on life, or me.

This is the first “Official Teaser Trailer” for  Deadnutts – The Story of Michael Mernagh
Directed by Durden Godfrey

Michael and I had discussed at length at one point, the idea of him starting one of his support groups here on my site under No More Victims… Now that I have finally figured out how create on-site groups and am now able to offer them, I hope to re-open that conversation and bring Deadnutts to a group here… either way, he has lots of groups and pages on facebook and as soon as I catch up with him I will list all those here as well.

~More Deadnutts Here~

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