The Man With The Mic

and The Reason We Exist…

Outlook Speaks’ Dan Lozzi

April 2011. My husband went to a show at THE BLACK SHEEP CAFÉ, something I was too tired to even think about attending. When he got there he met this guy who was getting ready to take part in the show by doing something called “spoken word” where he got up and used the microphone to spread his message. Ross ran back home and told me to get dressed, you’re coming if you want to or not. So reluctantly, and whining all the way, I went. Little did I know my whole life was about to change. DAN LOZZI is his name and his program is called THE OUTLOOK. I was so touched and so inspired that after the show I went to talk to him. Not only did he take the time to talk to me, but he then came to our home and let me share with him my story. His advice… Use your voice as a weapon. So No More Victims 2 was born and before we knew it we were on his coat tails traveling all over the country doing exactly what he showed us to… and it felt GOOD!

Dan Lozzi is an internationally toured “Henry Rollins” style spoken word artist and activist. He’s honest, hardcore, and brutal in his presentation of his opinion, but as your average Joe with a heart of gold and the patience of a Saint, he will gladly discuss any opinion or point of view with the true intent of a meeting of the minds…

even if that means agreeing to disagree.

Hardcore Heart

From The Start!!

From my very first date with my now husband, to mini tours through the nmv2 years, to still today rockin together for a common cause; Get ready to meet my Angels from the 414, Brew City Hard Core!! 

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