It’s not just mental health, it’s survival.

In these crazy and scary times, not only are more and more people finding themselves in need of help, but help is getting harder and harder to find. Government programs are loosing funds and we live in a world that is being torn apart by fear of each other.

Protecting Those We Serve

As the #SaveTheHumans movement continues to grow we are rebuilding bridges across an international network of not only fellow angels and activists, but of people in need as well. So we have decided to go one step further in protecting and helping those we serve by creating “The Human Support League”.

The Human Support League is the connection between those who need help, and those who have help to offer. Kellie’s List will be the only place to find the services, the people, and the causes that I myself have personally looked into and given the Miss Kellie stamp of approval to BEFORE they get listed. I don’t want to refer people to more referral processes… I want to help them find real help.

The Best Part is it’s all FREE!

There will never be a fee to search for help and there will never be a fee to list your services with us either. You can log in online, or if you can’t find what you need there, call us and we will do all we can to help you find what you are looking for while you are on the phone!

For now, if you need help, till this is done, if it’s an emergency please contact 911.  If you are here to list or volunteer your services, please join us at the #HumanSupportLeage to get started. Check back often as things here change every couple days.

thank you.

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