A friend of mine was pulled over last night in West Bridgewater & felt compelled to tell me about it today. The bulk of his story revolved around the fact that they were asking him several questions & he chose to politely not answer them as it is his constitutional right but even more so, he has a strict rule of never answering questions as it could be used against him when fighting a traffic violation. He insists that he respectfully explained himself but the two police men became angry. At one point he even told them that he is a war veteran which is why he believes strongly in his rights. So during the course of this interaction; one of the police said “Oh, so you want to play the constitution game with me?” 
I have many friends of all walks of life who read my blogs: police, criminals, gang members, activists, & even people who have no interest in the issues which I address. I have no desire to join the anti-police bandwagon…. So what I am about to say I mean in all sincerity & it isn’t meant to hurt or cause an argument: Considering what is happening in this country at the moment; if I were a police officer, I would be VERY careful about the things I say to people & how I act around the public. I do NOT want to see anyone get hurt on the job or even worse, killed. However, the sarcastic remarks are something that I think we can all do without at the moment. I also want to point out that of the two policemen, one was a sergeant (a leader in the department) & they ended up giving him a ticket for going 3 miles over the speed limit. I’m trying with all my might to not pass judgment; but in such a small town in which one of these guys was high up the chain of command, what conclusion can I draw from this other than that I should avoid driving through West Bridgewater late at night? 
Calling the police “pigs” solves nothing & I think there are a lot of things being said about them right now by clown college activist who don’t even look at the facts. I also think that the two guys being shot in New York was beyond offensive. How does friction over the police justify killing someone & leaving children fatherless (or motherless)? Is it possible that there are people on BOTH sides of this issue who are acting on emotion and thus behaving like savages? Haven’t we seen this in the past throughout history? 
I have many police friends and they all know how I feel about all this (some work in West Bridgewater). I’ve always told them my feelings and other than debating, it has never really caused a fierce argument. I just call it as I see it & everyone (police & non-police) are more than welcome to comment on this. 
I would like to close by saying the following: every day there are horrible injustices which are carried out around the world; but as far as what happened in Missouri, I think the civil rights movement is picking the wrong battle. It seems as if many people want to completely ignore the video footage of Michael Brown robbing a store & roughing up the clerk. As for the actual altercation, if Michael Brown did indeed reach in to the police car and attack this guy (which is what it seems happened ), then he learned a very valuable lesson: when you bring a fist to a gun fight, you will probably lose. My words are of no disrespect to minorities or the police, but people on both sides will probably be offended. This country needs to take a major time out and THINK.

Questions? Comments? Opinions? Ideas?