Like a minnow in an ocean
Never fully understanding
Fear the child’s notion
Of a fathers voice commanding

No sense of right or wrong
Corruption a pulling force
Leather to flesh the nightly song
Played by a father with no remorse

No explanations ever expressed
A simple release of hostility
From a father completely stressed
Casting shadows of debility

Knowing and understanding
Escape the child’s thought
Black and blue his branding
Redemption is all he sought

Into manhood he is thrust
With only an understanding of violence
To no one he will trust
To the grave he will bare his silence

Now becomes his chance
Student becomes the teacher
Preparing for the destructive dance
Give birth now to his father’s creature

A moment frozen in time
Feeling like an eternity
What a fear filled existence
To pass to his own posterity

As his own eyes gaze back at him
From a child his one true love
Flashes of a childhood so grim
His one chance to rise above

Everything has changed
In a world not black and white
An understanding of a path deranged
His own path he can write

He knew now the abuse he had endured
Taught violence the solution
A broken man matured
Offers his own child absolution

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