The shadows

They come for me

They want to take me away

Why can’t I be free

I have to keep running

They will take me back to the dark

I can’t go back there

No more not ever again

I will soon have to stop running

And soon turn and begin to fight

Where is my armor

Where is my blade

Where is my shield

All gone all gone

I will always run

Until the items are found

I need to hide

I need to be held

I need to cry

No, I won’t give in

The shadows want that

They want to scar me again

Please help me find my way

Open the gates for me

Just as I would for you

I’m cold, scared

The prince has now become the child

The warrior now a mere gimp

A wall is in front of me

I must find a way around

There is no way, is there?

Alright shadows I’m ready

Scar me


~Forsaken Angel ©2005

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