No More Victims 2 (aka “Kellie’s List”) has partnered with the Take A Pause foundation, The “Deadnutts” Movement, The Voice Matters Project, The Outlook Speaks Program To Stop Abuse, a few Brewcity Hardcore Angels, the incredible hearts and arts of the people at Horror-fix (along with several other amazing artists, activists, and angels across the country)…

…in order to bring all those who have help to offer together for those who are in need of help in our new collaborative…

“The Human Support League”

And I have it on pretty good authority that we are about to pick up a bunch of dirty kids too!! <3 

Category Pages

(As people are listed, their pages and links will automatically show up on their chosen category pages above) 

New On-Site Support!

I created these 3 groups just to get us started. 

Suicide Prevention

If you are one of those people willing to stay up all night on the phone or in a chat to make sure someone sees tomorrow, i beg you to join us here!


If you REALLY want to find a way to help me, I ask you please to join my army of angels. Personally; I need you more than ever.

Prayer, Light, and Love

Here we can talk ghosts, share prayer, and do live tarot sessions!

Haven’t Signed Up Yet?

It’s Easy! Just enter your email address in the space provided in the bar to the bottom of the page!

Once you have confirmed your email address you will be able to join and create your own groups, have your own wall, almost as good as Facebook!! If you are trying to create multiple profiles to be able to interact anonymously and don’t have multiple email addresses, shoot me a message and I will hook ya up!