Let’s Chat Through It!

Survivors Unite

Not just stories of survival, but discussion on how to survive, no matter what it takes in whatever situation.

Prayer, Light, and Love

Can we all just get along?? I think we can, and here i’d like to discuss differences in beliefs, share traditions, learn and grow together in a greater understanding of love. 

The “DID” Report

As a couple who suffers from a plethera of mental illnesses, and have had them used against us time and again, and been on more meds than I can count, this subject is very important to us, to the world. 

Political Patti-Cake

I’d like to keep this section kinda light. I fear taking it on at all, but I have questions i’m sure SOMEONE can answer. There has to be a way to build a better future. 

Let YOUR Words Be Heard Without Interruption.

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Dealer’s Choice

Stories of addiction and recovery, a look at it’s cause and effect, and honest discussion about choices and freewill.

Mystical Mania

Do you believe in Angels? How about Aliens or Ghosts? Is there life beyond this one? Are spells and curses real? Let’s find out!

Consumer Slam

I personally will be adding a few places here, but beyond just bad service, we need to share information about what companies are doing what so that we can direct consumers in a better direction.

HEAL-thy Life

There is a time to heal, and for me that time is now, but for it to happen i needed to learn to live healthy again. I still struggle with it every day, but I know we can get there together.

Stories and/or articles that fall into multiple categories will appear on multiple pages.