Somewhere A Child Is Crying…

You Can Be help

Every day right here in America hundreds of thousands of our children are being beaten, battered, tortured, starved, neglected, raped, molested, dumped and abandoned, and even killed by the very people who are supposed to care for them.  The actual statistics and real stories of the things our children are suffering today are heart wrenching.  Too often these children are over looked and left alone in a world too horrible for most to even imagine, or put into a system that looses them or placed with people who are often times worse than the natural parents they were taken from.  I myself know of too many kids that have become nothing more than a government check for their caretakers.  Parents fighting over a check instead of the safety and proper raising of their children, it makes me want to spit.  Right here in Springfield there are hundreds of documented cases of severe abuse ranging from physical to sexual not to mention mental. Imagine growing up in a home where you’re purposely burnt with lit cigarettes, body parts dipped in boiling water or hot oil, being beaten with cords or pans.  Imagine the fear and pain inflicted by being shoved in a closet or under a bed for days or weeks at a time, eating cat food or dead rats to survive.  Too much to think of? How about the long term mental afflictions and emotional problems that these kids have to deal with when they get older?  The shame and disgust a young adult feels every time they have a sexual desire, being able to think of nothing but being raped time and time again by daddy or grandpa, and believe it or not, by mommy.  Another generation of severely disturbed and angry young minds.

Don’t believe it???

Open your eyes, do the research, it’s out there, in our faces every day.  But who cares?  How many times have you seen that mother spanking her kid a little too roughly in public and just kept walking?  How many times have you seen a kid bruised and battered but didn’t want to ask questions?  How many times have you heard the glass breaking and the cries from the apartment upstairs and just turned the radio or television up to avoid getting involved The children are the future?  What future could they possibly have?  Who is going to take care of our children? DCFS?  HAHA.  A bunch of blind un-educated people on power trips, I don’t think so.  The government? Even bigger laughs.  Our government is so consumed with spending billions of dollars on bombs creating death showers and fighting “TERRORISM” and defending the freedoms of other countries while hundreds of starving children die every hour right here in our backyard. They do this as to make themselves look good, and our children have no one. When is “OUR” government going to take care of “OUR” children, “OUR” future?  I think “Moore” put it best in his film, if they want to see terror, look around here, it’s everywhere.

Fight terrorism against our children. Most of these misguided and unloved children never find life outside misery.  They turn to drugs, alcohol, sex, gangs, violence and crime.  It’s all they know.  Do we punish the child who stole a candy bar because he was hungry?  How about the one who steals a pair of jeans from the store because they have no other means to clothe themselves.  We scream about crime and rising prices in taxes to cover theft, but no one wants to do anything to change it.  How about getting involved.  Stop the problem before it starts.  Call someone next time you see a kid with a black eye and bloody lip.  Say something to that woman in the store beating her kid senseless, or to that man who calls his daughter a slut when he’s the one having sex with her. What can we do?  How about fighting for stiffer punishment for child abusers?  Write a letter, pick up the phone, write your senator, take a few hours out of your overly posh and comfy life and make a difference, become a mentor, write a newspaper article. DON’T BE THE ASSHOLE WITH THE PHONE TAKING PICTURES!! CALL 911!! The only voice our suffering children have is yours.  And someday the only voice your old tired ass body will have is theirs.  Get it yet?!?

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