Brittle the bones that withstand the abuse

Trapped in a world of simple minded obtuse

206 opportunities to display strength over inferiority

A prison cell guarded by a sense of superiority

Words and sentences meant to degrade and control

No hero to rescue or one to console

Infinite weapons fight this war with no victor

Rules of engagement becoming much stricter

Looking within, the questions unending

Never on the offensive, constant defending

Locked inside a hell built of fear and shame

Always taking the fall, accepting the blame

Love, fear, family…justifiable reasoning

Years pass by while mind and body are weakening

Planning the escape but never any action

Thoughts of external change a constant distraction

Your destiny awaits, you must find the fortitude

So many have freed themselves from this prison of solitude

Rising up above this self-appointed supremacy

How you overcame this struggle; that becomes your legacy

Questions? Comments? Opinions? Ideas?